Scene View Navigation in Unity

Gert Coppens
3 min readMay 5, 2021

Knowing how to navigate in the Scene View is essential when working with Unity. It’s fairly easy and straight-forward. You’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

We have a set of tools that help us move around quickly and efficiently.

Arrow movement

You can use the Arrow Keys keys to move around in the scene. Hold down the Shift key to move faster. Click the Camera icon in the Toolbar to change the Camera speed.

Scene Camera Settings

The Hand tool (Q)

When this tool is selected the following mouse controls are available:

Hold down Shift to increase the rate of Movement and Zooming

Flythrough mode

This mode feels very natural to most people as it is similar to how you would navigate in many games. To activate just click and hold the Right mouse button, while holding down the right mouse button use the mouse, WASD and Q(up), E(Down) keys to move into any direction the Camera is facing in first-person. Holding down Shift will let you move faster incrementally, use the mouse scroll wheel to change the Camera speed. (This only works in Perspective or Orthographic Mode)

Centering view on a GameObject

To center the Scene view on a GameObject, select the GameObject in the Hierarchy, then move the mouse over the Scene view and press F. If the GameObject is already selected, F zooms in to the pivot point. This feature can also be found in the menu bar under Edit > Frame Selected. To lock the view to the GameObject even when the GameObject is moving, press Shift+F. This feature can also be found in the menu bar under Edit > Lock View to Selected.

Scene above from Sci Fi Space Soldier by PolygonR

Scene Gizmo

Scene Gizmo

At the top-right corner of the Scene View we can find the Scene Gizmo, a cube with a conical arm on each side of the cube representing an axis in space. It displays the Scene View Camera’s current orientation and allows you to quickly modify the viewing angle and projection mode. We can change the projection mode between Perspective and Orthographic (or sometimes called Isometric). We can also lock it in position by clicking the lock icon. Right-click on the cube to bring up a menu with a list of viewing angles, Shift + right Click to reset into default perspective mode.

Extra Movement shortcuts

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